Roll-Ons Back With A Bang!


The current stand-off between Roll-on perfume oils and Spray-on perfumes is turning out to be as interesting as a catfight between an old girlfriend and the new. The tried and tested former favorite Roll-on has thrown the gauntlet, challenging the usurper Spray-on to prove its perfumed  merits. It's a battle for which Roll-on has been itching ever since Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Paco Rabanne started marketing their premium products in Roll-on. After having been sidelined for many years, Roll-on now feels energized by its big-ticket endorsements and is ready to conquer the world of fragrances again. It knows it can because its merits are numerous:

1. Unlike Spray-ons where 30-40% of spray is wasted, Roll-on imparts its perfume oils evenly and effectively with no wastage. The use of Roll-on can be easily controlled depending on the need for mild or strong application.

2. Spray-on comprises 80% alcohol and only 20% fragrance. On application, the sprayed alcohol evaporates leaving only a small portion of actual perfume, which wears off quickly. On the other hand, Roll-on application lasts much longer because of greater concentration of perfume oils.

3. Roll-ons are invariably less expensive than Spray-ons making it possible to buy more fragrances for the money spent on just one Spray-on. This creates the opportunity to try out a greater variety of fragrances. Roll-ons also also boast of a wider selection of fragrances, especially the exotic variety.

4. Alcohol and other chemicals can be dehydrating and cause irritation and distress, leading to dryness of the skin. Roll-ons, on the other hand, are free from alcohol and are best applied on fabric, collar, shoulder, cuffs, etc, eliminating the possibility of skin irritation and dehydration.

6. Roll-on perfume oils stay close to the field of application unlike a Spray-on creates a cloud of perfume that can be over powering and intrusive for other people in close proximity.

7. Many offices frown upon employees walking around with strong clouds of perfumes following them. In such cases, Roll-ons are preferable as they stay close to the field of application. It is said that "with Roll-on you are wearing the perfume while with a Spray-on , the perfume is wearing you.

8. Roll-ons are a lot more convenient in current times because they are so easy and convenient to carry. Most men and women are out all day working and reapplying perfume with a roll-on can be done on the go. Spray perfumes on the other hand are difficult to carry and inconvenient to apply at workplace or among people.

9. Roll-ons are perfect perfume products to carry on trips, whether vacation or business trip. For women especially, Roll-ons offer the possibility of carrying two-three different fragrances in the purse without the hassle of Spray-on perfumes.

10. As Roll-ons are usually the size of lip gloss and mascara tubes, they are extremely portable and relatively inexpensive. Also in the modern world, Roll-ons, being so functional, are seen as the youthful way of using fragrances.

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