The Oudh Collection

History of The Scent of Gods

Agarwood or Oudh trees have been around for thousands of years. Though they are known to carry the Scent of Gods, these trees are normally odorless.

However, when Agarwood trees are attacked by a fungus, they produce a resin as an immune response. As the fungus spreads across the wood, so does the trees’ response, resulting in production of the dark resin which makes the wood of the tree heavy.

The formation of this resin in the tree becomes the source of the rare and precious Agarwood oil/ Oudh oil.

Agarwood/Oudh Oil, or the Scent of Gods, is extracted from the resin-filled wood of these infected trees.

This Agarwood/Oudh Oil is the most expensive natural product in the world. It’s a naturally fragrant oil infused with rare sensuality and amazingly beautiful and mysterious Aroma. It has been used extensively by the rulers of Arabia, and Indian Maharajas and Rajas since hundreds of years.

Wood from Agarwood trees is also burned to form an incense smoke that releases the magnificent and sensual aroma in the atmosphere. The Oudh fragrance in form of incense smoke varies on the quantity of resin in the infected wood, as also the country the infected tree wood comes from.

Unfortunately, the craze for Agarwood/Oudh oil and its great demand and value across the world has resulted in indiscriminate felling of these trees. In recent years, due to wanton destruction, Agarwood trees are considered as an endangered species, bringing down drastically the supply of this precious oil.

With reduced supply, prices of the original Oudh oil have skyrocketed, making it unaffordable for everyone except royalty or the very wealthy.

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