The Art of Gifting Perfume

iGlory’s Roll-On Fragrances make dazzling gift items. Perfumes are essentially looked upon as luxury items, ideal for gifting. Fragrances make the recipient feel appreciated and cherished.


iGlory’s Roll-On Fragrances…

  • Come in lovely Premium Quality Gold bottles and look pretty and classy
  • Offer a wide variety in Fine Fragrances, Floral Fragrances and Arabic Fragrances with something for everybody
  • Are easy and compact to carry in pretty 10ml bottles
  • Reasonable cost despite the premium scents and bottles lovely enough to be proudly displayed
  • Make the recipient feel special and pampered
  • Lift spirits and inspire confidence
  • Must-have for frequent travelers
  • Excellent for regular perfume users, providing a delightful alternative

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