iGlory’s Roll-On Fragrances make perfect companions

Toss one in your pocket or three in your purse and you are ready to face the world. A quick dab before entering the conference room or cinema hall sets the tone for the meeting or evening…

iGlory’s enchanting aromas create an aura of calm and confidence


Get into the right mood

Fragrances are mood enhancers. iGlory’s Roll-On Fragrances will get you into the perfect mood


Excellent for weekend getaways

iGlory’s Roll-On Fragrances are compact and come in high quality aluminum bottles which look great too. Simply perfect for a long weekend of looking good and smelling great


Pure & Premium Scents at affordable cost…

Branded spray fragrances are expensive and contain only 20% perfume and 80% alcohol. On application, alcohol evaporates and only the 

perfume remains on the fabric. IGlory fragrances are pure scents, with no alcohol, gas or water, and cost so much less – a great value for money.


Roll-On Minimizes Wastage

iGlory’s Roll-On Fragrances minimizes  wastage making the 10ml bottle last long, much longer than an 

equivalent quantity of spray perfume


Bottles look pretty and classy

iGlory’s Roll-On Fragrances come in bottles that look classy and pretty in Premium Quality Gold Aluminum Bodies that can be proudly carried in purse or displayed on dressing tables

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